Juana-Alodia is the eldest daughter of King Hitzedar of the kingdom of Orovalle. She is an intelligent, beautiful girl who eventually becomes queen of Orovalle, and the elder sister of Queen Lucero-Elisa.

Appearance Edit

"Her shining black hair and chiseled cheeks, eyebrows that frame confident eyes."

Alodia is described as being thin, elegant, and beautiful. She has long, slender limbs, black hair, and dark eyes. Her beauty is an object of great envy for her younger sister Elisa.

The Girl of Fire and Thorns Edit

In the kingdom of Orovalle, Princess Elisa is set to be wed to Alejandro de Vega, King of Joya d'Arena. Alodia seems eager to antagonize her younger sister, chastising her for eating pastries in her wedding gown and teasing her during her wedding speech. Despite her teasing, Alodia seems to understand the circumstances surrounding the wedding far more than her younger sister, and is apprehensive about match.

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