Lucero-Elisa de Riqueza: Our protagonist and the princess of Orovalle who later becomes queen of Joya d'Arena. She is the carrier of the only living Godstone and was the leader of the Malficio.

King Alejandro de Vega: King of Joya d'Arena. He is the father of Prince Rosario and described to be young and the most beautiful man alive by Elisa.

Prince Rosario de Vega: Prince of Joya d' Arena and heir to it's throne. He is 6 at the beginning of the series and a boy who is often neglected by his father, who although loves him, is under considerable strain from managing the country.

Lord Hector of Ventierra: The lord commander of King Alejandro's royal guard and later Elisa's. He is an enigmatic man who is one of the five in the famous Joya d'Arena Quorum. He is the son of a powerful south lord.

Cosme: Condesa Arena's personnel maid who is sent to look after Elisa's wellbeing when she is in Joya d' Arena

Humberto: Cosme's brother.

Belen: He is a friend of Elisa's and only possesses one eye due to an incident in the book.

Jacian: One of Elisa's kidnappers.

Mara: A scarred young woman who becomes Elisa's lady in waiting.

Ximena: Elisa's nurse and her guardian (Guardian of the Godstone bearer who is sent by the monastery closest to the bearer's location to guard the bearer).

Aneaxi: Elisa's lady in waiting.

Alodia de Riqueza: Princess of Orovalle and Elisa's older sister.

Condesa Arina: A member of the Quorum of five in Joya d' Arena and probably King Alejandro's mistress.

Father Nicandro: the priest at the Brisadulce monastery who tells Elisa many more things about the Godstone and it's bearer that were hidden from her.

Conde Trevino: Traitor.

Lo Chato: Animagus who is leader of the group Belen betrayed her to.

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